Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF)

The governments Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) allows you; whether a home owner or business owner, to make energy
saving improvements to your
property without having to make
up front payments. Find out
how we can help you with the



Around a third of all heat in an un-insulated
home is lost through the walls. If
your home was built after 1920,
the walls will probably be made
of two layers with a gap in
between them, this is the
cavity that must be filled to
insulate your house.



Insulating your solid walls could
cut you’re heating costs
considerably by between 35-45%.
If your home was built before
1920 the chances are that its
external walls are solid rather
than cavity walls.





latest news

Electric Juice Infrastructure

JMC Green are pleased to announce, That we are part of the electric juice infrastructure, and have been a part of the UK’s very first Npower charging station installation. Npowers very first Electric car charging point installed at Princes way, Solihill West Midlands.



  • Hannah

    Richard was incredibly helpful and well informed. The work quickly and expertly finished and the pricing was far more reasonable that that of another local firm.

  • Mrs Wilkes

    Very helpful, friendly and efficient service. It's nice to be able to talk to the same person each time I called - and for her to remember what was happening here. It was Aimee that convinced me to go with JMC and I'm very glad I did. Thank you.

  • Mr Osbourne

    More than pleased with every aspect of the work and helpfulness of the technicians. All good! Thanks to everyone.

  • Mrs Caine

    All brilliant

  • Mrs Pullen

    Installers were two polite, considerate men who were helpful and competent.

  • Mr Sweetman

    Brilliant job, excellent workers!!!

  • Mr Hatch

    The two technicians seemed very competent and efficient and we can already feel the difference in the last few days since the Cavity Wall insulation was completed.

  • Mrs Stevens

    "I have great admiration for the technicians who worked so hard, sometimes in dreadful weather"

  • Mr Meickle

    Many thanks - job handled well.

  • S Proctor

    We are very satisfied with the job.